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Weather on Instagram, Youtube or Facebook – influencers reign over all social media channels. Our Influencer Marketing Agency mediates between companies and social media stars. You want your label to be more popular among the main target group? As your number one Influencer Agency we will take care of it. Get to know what exactly a testimonial is, how Influencer Marketing works and why some companies rather work with so called Micro Influencers.

We are the mediator between your company or label and the best matching Facebook, Instagram or Youtube Influencer, from Dubai, Abu Dhabi or elsewhere from the UAE.

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Influencer Agency Dubai

Influencer – A Simple Guide by Your Influencer Agency

Thanks to our Influencer Marketing Agency, you can find the right Influencers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the whole of the UAE. But what exactly IS an Influencer? As the name says it, they are people with special influence in social networks and know exactly how to use it. In general, Influencers dedicate their channel to a specific personal passion or topic. This includes lots of different topics, from fashion, beauty and sports to food or gaming and technology. Influencers are absolute professionals on their field of interest and fulfill the position of a role model for their followers. Their advice and recommendations are taken seriously by their community and have impact on the purchase decision of their fans as consumers.

And that is exactly the key point where Influencer start to play a big role for companies and where we as Influencer Marketing Agency help you get in touch with influencers of our versatile database. Get in touch with our testimonials, so you can use their impact on social media efficiently for your own company and label.

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Influencer Marketing: New Customers Through Personal Recommendations

The Task: Create Commercials That Customers Love

The reason you need Influencer Marketing? Start-up companies, as well as prominent brands, often have trouble to reach their target audience. Always and everywhere, companies must find new ways to get through to the costumers. Advertisement becomes more complicated and costumers cannot be lured in by old-school advertising methods any more. The rising demands of costumers leads to continuously new challenges for marketing specialists.


Find The Perfect Fit

To find the perfect fitting influencer, some aspects need to be considered: Does the social media star reflect your target group? Does his/her presentation on social media fit your company? Are his/her follower true supporters or are they bought ones? How high is the interaction rate with the fans? Where there any scandals about the influencer in the past? It is our job as Influencer Agency to know everything about those fine details and to consider them while pairing company and social media star. We want you to profit from our knowledge. Book your perfect testimonial thanks to our Influencer Marketing Agency!

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Mirco Influencer: More Is Not Always More

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A shining social media star with a community of millions of followers will easily cost you lots of money. Fortunately, there is a great alternative: Micro Influencers! But what exactly is a Micro Influencer?

They are testimonials with a rather small amount of followers. This means nothing, keeping in mind that more does not necessarily help more. Studies show that Micro Influencers are often more engaged with their community and create more interaction with their followers in comparison to more prominent influencers.

Especially Influencer Marketing lives by the reactions provoked within the followers, not only by the number of people who see the product. Micro Influencers should not be underestimated, since they share a closer relationship with their community and therefore are better in provoking such reactions.


Keep It Real: Authenticity Is Key


Get Started and Become a Social Media Influencer

Social Networks are your hometown, you would like to try out new products first hand and introduce them to your community? Your followers are loyal, support your channel and value your opinion? Then you are ready to start your career as Influencer with our Influencer Marketing Agency by your side!

With us, you get the chance to turn your hobby into a job and start your breakthrough on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube.

We help you to get in touch with companies that share your passion.

Wether as Micro Influencer or as big social media star – find your Influencer job thanks to our Influencer Agency and introduce exiting and interesting new products with your community!

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