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Meet our High Class Models in Abu Dhabi, UAE!

Our multi-faceted Model Agency offers a platform of professional classic Models, Plus Size Models, Best Ager Models, Fitness Models and Social Media Influencers and Newcomers from all areas. It is important for us to maintain a close communication with both, our models and clients. If you are interested in a model job, send us an application online. We represent models not only from Abu Dhabi but also Dubai, the whole UAE and internationally all over the world. Since 2009, catwalk, fashion, beauty shootings, product photography, commercials and videos are our purest passion.

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Model Agency Abu Dhabi

Working With Passion

With commitment and ambition, we reach our goal to satisfy each individual client and to surpass ourselves. Professionalism, delicacy and innovative ideas are our main approaches for new inquiries. For us, working at our Model Agency is not only an occupation, but passion.

Our models and clients are more than just numbers, for us each is unique. Every project needs fine feeling and sometimes even creative solutions – instead of being stuck in routines; we like to use innovative ways and means to reach our goals. We respect each individual wish of a client and try to make is come true the most possible way. We give advice and support you when choosing the perfect model for your project and make sure everything goes the right way.


International Services: Our Model Agency in Abu Dhabi

Our Headquarter is situated in Bielefeld, Germany, but we interact nationally and internationally with passion and commitment. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the whole United Arabian Emirates are part of a story that just started. We are constantly looking for new and extraordinary faces and continuously work on our extensive selection of Model sedcards. Therefore we are able to offer the best collection of men, women, Plus Size Models, Best Ager Models and Influencers. You are looking for the perfect model for an advertisement shoot or a movie production? Many of our models have different qualities to benefit your campaign, from dancing skills to acting experience.

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Abu Dhabi – The Home of Modest Fashion

Together with Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the hometown of the signature Contemporary Muslim Fashion, and spreads it further into the world. Next to glamour, luxury and bling the fashion coming from Abu Dhabi has its own style. Modest Fashion means the trend of women wearing less skin-revealing clothes, to satisfy spiritual and stylistic requirements for reason of faith, religion or personal preference. The Modest Fashion industry already has an estimated worth of US$373 billion by 2022.

Dedicated to this style, the Modest Fashion Weekend takes place in Abu Dhabi, a two-day event with workshops, photoshoots, pop-up stores and catwalk shows, celebrating Modest Fashion. Global fashion houses embrace the traditionally conservative trend of the UAE, of women wearing less skin-revealing clothes, to satisfy spiritual and stylistic requirements for reason of faith, religion or personal preference. Designers like Dolce & Gabanna dedicated a whole hijab and abaya collection to the Modest Fashion trend. It is clear: the trend and its Fashion Week are growing bigger and better!